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Dedicated Server Managed Services

System Administration

We have a very knowledgeable and experienced staff dedicated to assisting our clients in the administration and maintenance of their dedicated servers.

Unless otherwise specified, system administration includes:

  • System configuration
    Operating System upgrades
    Supported software upgrades or service patch updates
    Mail Server (adding/deleting users, mail forwards, autoresponders)
    Web Server (adding domains, password protection, server module support)
    FTP Server (restricting access, setting up new users)
    *** We do not support Front Page Extensions on Unix systems

  • Software installation and configuration
    Configuration instructions must be provided by client
    *** We will not support any software that we do not install
  • Operating system troubleshooting
  • Log file rotation and analysis

System administration does not include troubleshooting problems with CGI scripts, including but not limited to: Perl scripts, custom CGI, Active Server Pages, and Web/database integration.

Support Plans:

Monthly Support Plans
2 hrs. per month $225 per month
4 hrs. per month $400 per month
8 hrs. per month $750 per month

Note: This does not include the cost of tech support from a third party (such as a software vendor).

Monthly support plan customers will receive a 25 percent discount ($130 per hour) for any time over normal system administration support time. Our normal per-incident rate is $175 per hour.

System administration services are performed between 9:00 AM EST and 6:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. Any system administration performed outside of these hours will be billed at the emergency support rate of $250 per hour, including Saturday and Sunday.


Server Monitoring

Port Monitoring Service

With Ultratron's Port Monitoring Service our staff will monitor up to three ports on a server. Our Network Operations Center scans servers on our network every 5 minutes to determine if the designated port is accessible. When the designated port is not accessible our tech staff is immediately notified. At this point our staff notifies the client; if the server is completely unreachable, we will reboot the system.

Port Monitoring
Setup $25 Monthly $25

Content Monitoring Service

We will monitor up to six ports on your server, check for a particular response from the server, and send an e-mail pager notification when content is not present. Please supply a string of characters (preferably at the bottom of a Web page) to check for, as well as an e-mail address to be notified. You will receive only one message alerting you that the Web site is down, and another when the site becomes available. This system will notify as many individuals as you request, including Ultratron staff. Ultratron staff will take no action unless specified by you. Actions that can be taken include:

  • Rebooting the server
  • Killing / Restarting a process
Content Monitoring
Setup $125 Monthly $125


Domain Name Services

Our DNS nameservers are available for use by our dedicated server customers. One domain name is included FREE with the dedicated server package. Additional domain names and canonical domain names may be added as an option at any time.

Domain Name Services
Additional Domain Name Setup $10 Monthly $0
Additional Canonical Domain Setup $5 Monthly $0


Additional IP Addresses

Two IP addresses are included FREE with our dedicated server packages. Through name-based virtual hosting, more addresses may not be required. If you have a need for additional IP addresses, they may be added as an option at any time.

IP Addresses
Block of 5 IP Addresses Setup $75 Monthly $25


Additional Bandwidth

Our dedicated server packages include 40GB of data transfer per month. We provide a web-based monitoring program (MRTG) for you to view your current bandwidth usage in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views (view an example). Traffic which exceeds the 40GB (120kbps sustained average) allotment is billed automatically in 40GB increments and is not prorated in any way. For sites requiring large amounts of bandwidth, bulk discounts are available on a prepaid basis for comittments of >1Mbps. Bandwidth usage above the prepaid amount is billed at $75/40MB (120kbps sustained average). Details are provided in the chart below. There are no setup fees for bandwidth charges.

Average Sustained Bandwidth: Price / month:
<120kbps (40GB) Included with dedicated server plans
120kbps - 1Mbps $75/120kbps (40GB) over included 120kbps
1Mbps (~316GB transfer) $600
2Mbps (~632GB transfer) $900
3Mbps (~948GB transfer) $1100
4Mbps (~1264GB transfer) $1250


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