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Private VLAN for Every Server!

Every Ultratron server is configured on its own private VLAN network. This means that cross traffic between servers on the same switch is eliminated, and your server is unlikely to be affected by extreme traffic or problems with neighboring servers.

Many ISPs pack as many as 254 servers on a single shared Class C network, but ServePath customers each receive two /30 subnets per ARIN guidelines, putting each server on its own private virtual LAN (VLAN). One /30 (4 IPs) is for the interface, and the other /30 (4 IPs) are useable (Windows servers can use 3 of the 8).

Better Security

VLANs offer an effective mechanism for setting up firewalls in a switch fabric and protecting the network against broadcast problems that are potentially dangerous. In addition, VLANs give Ultratron network engineers the ability to set up packet filters for your individual private VLAN, which is especially useful if your server is the recipient of unwanted traffic from a specific internet host.

Many viruses, such as the recent "Slammer Worm," generate packet storms that will nearly cripple all servers on a network if they are not isolated into separate VLANs. In addition, some cross traffic is created by legitimate requests instead of viruses. Simple PINGs, for example, cause all hosts on a shared network to respond unnecessarily.

Accurate Bandwidth Billing

You will often be billed for broadcast traffic to and from other servers, including packet storms and ping requests, because this traffic is part of the total traffic measured on your switch port. ServePath does not bill for this traffic because we isolate your server on an exclusive VLAN where it is protected from broadcast traffic and packet storms.

Four IP Addresses Standard

Not only is your server on its own private virtual network, but you also get 4 IP addresses you can use at no additional cost. Additional IP addresses are also available subject to justification per ARIN guidelines for $1 per IP additional address per month.

Your own Server and Your Own Network

This superior VLAN architecture is yet one more reason to choose Ultratron. Don't settle for a shared environment on your hardware or on your network. Only Ultratron provides dedicated servers on dedicated VLAN networks. Our focus and expertise allows us to deliver superior performance and protection at an attractive price.

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