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Your complete full service website hosting solution for the new millennium

Do you want to provide webhosting services to your clients? It's easy - with the Ultratron Reseller Program.

The Ultratron Reseller Program offers one of the most generous reseller plans in the industry. We provide significant discounts off of our already low prices so that you will host as many sites as possible with us. We handle billing and technical support to you with the strictest of confidence, and your clients need never know that you are an Ultratron reseller. We wish to be your partner, not your competitor. After all, if you are successful, we are successful. As a reseller, you can resell any of our Web Hosting Plans with up to a 30% discount.

To become an Ultratron reseller and receive discounts and other benefits, you simply need to host more than one site with us. Whether you are a Web developer or running your own hosting company, we provide the highest quality hardware, software, networks, security, data center, and professional staff to support your reselling enterprise.

Here's how it works…

You provide:

Sales and Marketing

As an Ultratron Reseller you are able to establish your own brand name and control the features, pricing and packaging of the packages that you offer. Because you control these aspects you also have full control of the marketing and sales strategy. You may establish any billing arrangement with your clients you like. We will bill you our low fees, minus the percentage of reseller savings. You can configure our reselling program to fit your business needs.

Customer Service for your Clients

As an Ultratron Reseller you will serve as point of contact for the billing and support needs of your clients so that we remain completely anonymous. Because you serve as the point of contact for your clients you may forward any requests to Ultratron and we will do our best to assist you in any way that we can.

We provide:

Network and Server Administration

With multiple T3 and OC3 connections to diverse internet backbones, Ultratron guarantees fast and reliable hosting for you and your clients. Furthermore, Ultratron has a dedicated staff of network engineers and system administrators that constantly monitor our network and servers.

Advanced Technical Support

Our technical support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may send us any technical support or sales question that you require assistance with and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Aggressive Reseller Pricing

Ultratron resellers are able to take immediate advantage of Reseller discounts of up to 30% per account. Our Reseller Program offers an incremental discount as you add more accounts.

The following table lists the reseller discounts for reselling our web hosting plans:

Number of Web Sites: Your Discount:
1* None*
2-9** 5%
10-20 10%
21-50 15%
51-99 20%
100-199 25%
200+ 30%

* There is no discount for your first Ultratron-hosted Web site.
** As a reseller, each subsequent hosting account you buy is discounted by the percentage shown. Your reseller discount will be applied automatically for each of your reseller accounts.

Consolidated Billing

Periodically we will send you a consolidated invoice/statement for the consolidated charges that you have accrued. The consolidated statement helps you keep track of the status of your accounts. Once you receive the notification you will have up to 30 days to provide payment


Complete transparency in every aspect allows each Ultratron reseller to fulfill their services without the worry of being discovered as an Ultratron reseller. And since we maintain the servers and give you advanced technical support, you can concentrate on selling while Ultratron does all of the hard work. Resellers can even take advantage of personalized name servers for an additional fee. Whether you are starting with one domain or a dedicated server, Ultratron is here to make your life easy.


Our Network Operations Center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and holidays are no exception. Our trained System Administrators constantly monitor all incoming traffic and individual server resources to ensure your site never gets lost in the crowd. We give the individual attention to your Internet presence that you deserve. Our first priority is to ensure that your Internet presence stays online 24 hours a day. Our high speed network, and backup generators are all part of our commitment to unmatched quality and reliability. We are dedicated to your company's success, and we take great pride in knowing that we can help better your business by offering you the excellent services that you need.


Our pricing structure is based around the principle that low prices and superior services are the keys to a profitable relationship. With our low hosting prices, we leave plenty of room for your ability to market and profit from these tremendous packages.

All Ultratron-hosted Web sites are subject to applicable rules and regulations found on our hosting contract. Hosting fees only qualify for the discount (options and other services are not included). To become an Ultratron reseller, sign up for your main reseller account (no discount on the first account), and indicate in the comments that you wish to become an Ultratron Reseller. Additional accounts you sign up for will be discounted automatically.

Unlike many reseller programs, with Ultratron there is no reseller initiation fee, and no account setup fees. All accounts must be prepaid 12 mo, and annual discount still applies before reseller discount saving you more money. To reduce your risk and save you even more, if you need to cancel an account before its year is up you can switch the time remaining on the account to another account for a $20 per occurrence administrative fee. Try finding a deal like that anywhere else!

The beauty of the Ultratron reseller plan is its simplicity - the more sites you host with Ultratron, the greater your discount. There are no membership fees, no setup fees, and nothing complicated. Just host with Ultratron and watch your business grow!


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