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Website Design and Consulting

Website Design

A website that is appropriate for your company can do many things:

  • Let investors know more about you.
  • Let your customers know more about your products and services.
  • Increase your sales opportunities by offering products and services over the Web, or by giving your customers the appropriate sales contact.
  • Attract new employees.
  • Generally increase the awareness of your company and improve your public image.

Web Site design is not an easy task. It requires understanding of the wide variety of techniques, technologies and tools. The designer must fully comprehend the message that is being sent to the visiting audience and state it as clearly as possible. The site must be easy to navigate and understand. It must be attractive yet fast but, most of all, it must be professional. We understand the needs of our clients. We will work hard to determine what message needs to be communicated via the Web site and we will make sure that it is stated clearly. We will utilize the tools and technologies most appropriate for the task at hand. We are determined to create a rewarding user experience for each and every site we develop.

Web site development does not stop with an effective design. In this demanding world, Web sites must be fully interactive and create an individualized user experience. This requires a thorough understanding of the multitude of Internet technologies that are available today and a complete knowledge of software development. Such an undertaking calls for highly skilled computer professionals.

Ultratron Internet Services provides a wide variety of web site development options. Services range from simple HTML page layout to complex CGI scripting to robust E-Commerce solutions that you can use to market and sell your products on the Internet. Ultratron offers complete Cybercash solutions, Dynamic database driven web site design, Secure Online Ordering, Shopping Carts, and much more. Do you need to integrate legacy application data into your website? We can help you pick the right tools to get the job done correctly, and in a timely fashion.

Let us help you put your best foot forward on the information superhighway!

Website Promotion

The best website design in the world is useless if people can't find you on the web. To help maximize the power of this dynamic medium, we'll submit your website to the top databases and search engines for you. So that you can maximize your advertising budget, we'll also provide you with detailed statistics about your website traffic so you can see what advertising or promotional activities are working best for you.

Website Maintenance

Keeping your site up-to-date and content rich is the watermark of any great Internet business. Our Website Maintenance Programs are specifically designed for each unique client. Whether your business requires weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates, we can custom tailor a schedule to keep you head and shoulders above your competition.

Corporate Image Upgrade

Our Corporate Image Update Program is designed for companies who have a website, but wish to establish or strengthen their online identity. This service involves an entire overhaul of your corporate website. As with all our design services, this can be customized according to your needs.


Establishing a professional and effective online presence means having high quality content. We craft dynamic and compelling text to address all of your business needs. Because whether you're dealing with the physical world or the online world, the old adage still rings true: content is king.

Web Page Design Form

Please take few minutes to complete this form so that we can assess your needs and vision for  your site. If you have any questions, call us toll free at  1-877-UTRON11 or e-mail support@ultratron.net

Please tell us about your project goals and needs
Purpose of site
What are the basic goals of your project?

Branding/identity reinforcement
Improved access to information
Direct sales
Corporate communications
If "other" please specify it in the text area below:

What would best describe your needs? I need a personal site.
I need a great-looking corporate presence website.
I need an e-commerce enabled site built.
Database-driven, dynamically generated on-the-fly pages are required.
Custom-logo design for my company is needed.
Visual corporate identity, look and feel should be designed.
Existing corporate identity, look and feel should be used.
It should be a full Flash web site.
It should be a partial Flash site.
Please indicate interest in having the following features Banner ads.
Flash flying logo intro sequence.
Provide me with ongoing support after the site has been launched.

Number of graphics (pictures, logo, etc.)

You  want us to scan You want us to design

Please give us information about your overall design preferences
Please enter the URLs of any site whose design you really like
What is the URL of your existing website (if any)
Please enter pertinent URLs of your competitors' sites, if you'd like us to be aware of them
Please tell us about your backend development needs
Backend Development Needs (check all that apply) Database integration and/or creation
Credit card processing
Other E-commerce Integration
Custom application development
Automated e-mail routing and response in order to handle large volumes of customer e-mail
Shared messaging environment development
User input or data capture (forms processing)
Newsletter setup
Search engine development or setup
List Server set-up
Encryption/Privacy services
Network Safety/Enterprise level Anti-Hacking services
Chat Room set up
Message Board set up
Online Poll set up
Banner Ad server set up
If 'Other', please describe additional backend site services you need:
Site Bandwidth Type High-bandwidth site (media rich)
Cross-functional site (displays high-band content for those who want it, and low-band content for those who don't)
Lower-bandwidth, fast-loading site (mass-consumer oriented)
Please tell us more about the type of E-commerce Integration or development you
need done: (please be as descriptive as possible)
Please give us information about your project terms
What is the budget for your project?
How soon do you want to begin your project?
How soon do you need your project completed?
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Thank you for  your interest in our services. We will be in touch with you soon.


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